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Anodized Titanium Money Clip

One of the cool features of titanium is that it can be anodized to show the colors of the rainbow. The blue, green, pink and gold anodized colors are the most appealing to people in general, but everyone has a preference and black has recently been sought after. Especially after the American Express Centurion card (made of titanium of course) has been released and referred to by many as the black card for itís special black coating.

Historically money has always been of significant important because it facilitates social interaction and allows people to perform work and get the reward for it at a later date in the manner of their choosing. For example, letís say as a child you mow your neighbourís lawn and he pulls out his money clip and give you a nice crisp 10-dollar bill. Weíll assume it was a large lawn or generous neighbour!. Now you can decide when and where to spend that money. Letís say you want the latest comic book or some ice cream. You can go in and buy the comic book youíve been eyeing and maybe have enough left over to buy the ice cream. Your neighbour had neither the ice cream nor the comic book, yet you got what you wanted.

In a world without money the neighbour may have only had some spare light bulbs or some scrap metal to give you in exchange for mowing the lawn. Money makes everything much easier and that brings us to how you carry your all-important cash. It is fine to only carry credit cards, but what if the power goes out and you need water and food. IF you have cash you are set. That is why people still say cash is king! With a money clip fabricated from high tech titanium you can carry your money (both cash and credit cards) in your pocket and be set for any situation.

Another cool feature of a titanium money clip is that titanium has a low metallic signature and is unlikely to set off the metal detector in an airport adding to your sleekness.

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