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Titanium Money Clips

This is a fine example of good workmanship. A hand crafted titanium. These money clips can hold up to 30 folded bills and still spring back to its initial form! These are reasonably priced too and can be used to carry up to four credit cards and still hold 15 folded bills…if you carry Franklin’s that’s $1,500.00, plus the limits of your credit cards. If you carry American Express’s Centurion card that is made from titanium, then you will really have some serious spending power in your pocket!!

Money isn’t everything, so that is where style comes in. Having a cool collected attitude may mean carrying a sleek classy titanium money clip instead of some flash gold money clip or platinum money clip. After all these metals do nothing for performance and are more flash then substance.

Titanium is not as rare as people think and in fact it is the technology required to extract the titanium from the ground that really increases it’s cost. The aerospace industry really started to pay attention to the superior properties of titanium that can provide tremendous advantages when properly alloyed.

The secret to a good money clip is proper design. It is important to be able to insert your cash with ease after making a payment. Also, the idea of a money clip is general is to get away from a bulky wallet, so generally a thinner money clip is ideal. There needs to be enough space to hold your cash, but no additional casing or other unnecessary such things.

Some designs can be fancy such as a money clip made from a paper clip or made to look like one. If that is your style, then it might work for you. After all, being “unfancy” is a statement all to its self! Next time you are looking for a money clip, it is good to first consider your usage, such as how much you want to carry and whether or not you want to carry credit cards. This should determine the general size of the money clip required. Next think of your style. Do you like flashy “bling bling” type accessories? If so, there are some nice polished titanium money clips and gold anodized money clips that might be for you. If you prefer simple quality, then a natural titanium finish might be perfect for you.

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